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Katie Brimacombe

I am a native Calgarian and a mother to four lovely teenage daughters. Before starting my family, I worked as an elementary teacher for ten years. When I am not busy shuffling my kids to school and activities, I enjoy hiking in the mountains, skiing, traveling and watching movies with my family.   

When I became pregnant in 2001 with my first baby, I chose midwives as my care providers. I had always been passionate about birth and the path women take to find success and empowerment. The midwives provided me with continuous emotional and physical support through my pregnancy, labour, and postpartum. This guided me to have a birth experience that I will never forget!  It led me to want to educate, support and empower other women, during the challenges and rewards of labour to help them trust their own instincts and strengths. I was eager to do this by becoming a doula! I believe that the more knowledge you have about birth and your birth options, the more confident you can become in your own decision making and early parenting experiences. I would love to be part of your unique birth story.